Lock down Experience: The Invisible Enemy


NCoViD ’19… an infectious disease from a newly discovered type of corona virus. It targets the respiratory system mainly, thus requiring careful management to prevent its spread as it has critically serious consequence when afflicted.

This new kind of corona virus started to manifest itself sometime in December 2019. That is why it is called Novel Corona Virus Disease 2019.

Those with underlying medical problems or health conditions such as diabetes, chronic respiratory disease including asthma, and cancer are the most vulnerable or at most risk of contracting the disease. Likewise, the older people is at high risk category, too. And as such, they need to be well looked after and “shielded” from this deadly virus.

To protect oneself and prevent its spread, proper hand washing is advocated, and use of alcohol-based  hand gel is encouraged. The use of face mask when in public places is emphasized, and people are reminded to avoid touching their faces unnecessarily.

The mode of transmission is primarily through droplets of saliva or discharges from the nose and mouth when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Preventive measures should be observed i. e. covering the nose and mouth when one sneezes or coughs, plus thorough hand washing.

No treatments have been found yet. But research centres and medical companies are developing vaccines for clinical trials… This has now become a global fight against this unseen enemy!

Since this has become a pandemic, universal protocol is implemented in this whole wide world… Social distancing is required and being observed everywhere. In a queue, people should be at least two metres apart from each other. Lockdown has been implemented in most countries to prevent further spread of the disease to the neighboring place. Self quarantine, community quarantine is in practice… This is now everyone’s responsibility.

Lifestyle has tremendously changed… Staying at home, self-isolation have become the new norm in the society. Mostly everything is done online or through the internet… GP consultations, shopping for home necessities and food supplies, even bill payments. “Contact-less” transaction between consumers and suppliers is observed. This seems to be the “new normal”… 

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